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Anass Engineering offers technology, machines and products used in processes that deal with joining and cutting materials by using welding consumables, welding equipment, cutting and grinding machines, ventilation systems, personal protective equipment, technical chemistry products and robots.

Why ANASS Engineering?

We engage our Clients and the communities, we serve so that they know us, trust and value our services.
Quality Brands

We have in stock some of the world's best brands including REUTER, WALMAG, PROMOTECH, MAGSWITCH, MOST, GOLD, ECKERT, TIGER WELD, TIGER ABRA etc

Customer Service

You can always count on our team with all your enquiries in regards to our products and services. We're on standby 24/7 to put a smile on your face.

Unbeatable Prices

We understand the world of hardware business, economy and people. Thus we give you the best deals on quality tools and equipment required for the best jobs.

Experienced Personnel

We have experienced workers in the field of hardware, tools and equipment  delivering wholesome advise to our customers on what they need for their projects.

Home of Quality Egineering Technology

We provide high quality engineering to meet client needs
through Continuous Improvement in Product, Quality, Delivery and Services.
At Anass Engineering we provide you with diverse tools in the engineering field to aid in your services.